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Annatto hand string becomes hipster necessary thing in the world

Enter the end of the year, annatto furniture market unusually hot, the annatto furniture that besides big popular, small annatto hand string of accessories such as also reflect well, more and more sought. Companies are now ready to open a section of small shops, lobular red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, gold-rimmed nanmu... Don't be frightened by these elegant nouns, in fact, they are some prices are very common hand string. Annatto hand string has become a fashion and personality "hipster" essential thing in the world, is quite popular among young people.

Wearing red mahogany hand strung into fashion

Now, as there is a growing acceptance among citizens of annatto, annatto hand string become annatto stores and jewelry stores selling lines. In some Tibetan friend in the same group, often have various warrior "string". Recently, the reporter visited annatto stores, annatto furniture store in this area, we found that the store basic are prominently displayed in the door with some lobular red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear hand string, etc. As art collection the fire are burning ever more brightly, and all kinds of collectables - autograph hand began to enter, not only has the common amber, red coral, beeswax and crystal material such as hand strings, rosewood, aloes wood such as mahogany hand string is also very popular. Nowadays, wearing red mahogany hand string has become a kind of fashion.

Reporters in the town of stone company, saw a redwood businessman often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of timber, per ton bulk material used to make furniture, high prices. Small, excess stock or some pieces are hand for the production string and furnishing articles such as adornment, both enjoy and play, very attractive. Sales staff Mr. Gong told reporters: "if a customer buy annatto furniture amount is larger, we will send these small as a gift to him, as a kind of feedback customer way." And is the annatto furniture store annatto hand strings of choose and buy, said Mr Liang, who was himself to annatto is not very good, but see several friends wear is very good-looking, individual character of special temperament, give a person a kind of very composed collect inside feeling, so she also wants to buy a mahogany hand et series, reveal yourself stylish.

The material different spreads more than ten times

In visiting the reporter understands, the same specifications of annatto hand list, because the material is qualitative different, the price difference is very big. Mr. Gong introduces to the reporter, according to the different diameter, hand series is divided into 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0, and other specifications. He said: "the same hand string is 2.0 specification, color looks close to, but the lobular red sandalwood can sell for thousands of yuan, while of bright red acid only and yuan." In the shop, the reporter saw a string of mixed Mr String, chrysanthemum pear, golden nan, cedar and golden wood of all kinds of different kinds of beads. Mr. Gong told reporters: "a small bunch, annatto enrichment, can view all of the oily wood, wood color, decorative pattern and so on, have no difference. The hand list, the material of each beads are different, buy a hand, can put this to understand the characteristics of a dozen wood. After each of the beads was playing has a different effect, even simple appreciate each has its own characteristics."

Annatto furniture shop owner Mr. Chen said, before the gold jewelry accessories, fashion role, but now in a string of collectables - autograph, bodhi or mixing between neck beads, its style and individual character, taste, at ordinary times is consistent style, has become a symbol of fashion and personality is essential thing in the world "hipster", a lot of young people dedicated to the store to buy this kind of annatto hand string.

The bodhi wood is suitable for women

Men can choose brunet

Previously, annatto hand strings are the elderly or buddhist people like to wear, since it joined the fashion element such as silver, cinnabar, more highlights the individuality fashion breath, is quite popular with young people. As consumers, how to choose suits own annatto hand string?

Chen boss tells a reporter, in annatto hand string, one of the most popular is the bodhi and lobular red sandalwood wood, especially among the young is especially popular. "A string of 108 bodhi wooden hand string, was revealed that the light of of primitive simplicity of wooden breath, but join of cinnabar, lapis lazuli category as DingZhu and bead insulation, the ornament that play a role, appear lively and clever. Such collocation, especially suitable for women to wear." Boss Chen says, "if it is men's wear, then advised to choose a darker color hand string, such as adding the hand decorated black agate string, can appear more composed atmosphere. In addition, should pay special attention to when collocation, it is best not to choose a kind of material is hard and jadeite annatto beads collocation, it is easy to cause wear and tear. In terms of color is tie-in, suggested that young people like the pursuit of personality, to handle the string to whole is downy give priority to, such as aloes hand can match string of turquoise, can appear more pure and fresh. Overall annatto hand string is inferior to the gold and silver, but annatto hand similar to jade, have lasting appeal more primitive simplicity, and annatto hand string with a hint of grass fragrance, smell is also more comfortable."


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