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Review 2015 jewelry industry seven events

Have rung at the end of 2015 and a year for the jewelry industry is really extraordinary year, a large number of closed shop tide let people suspect whether the jewelry industry is heading for recession, the rise of network O2O let more entrepreneurs realize that li "Internet +" thinking is integrated into the jewelry industry, entity stores closed and web O2O form bright contrast, a great change of the market demand and industry demands, say 2015 is a crucial years jewelry industry. Particularly under the site editor for you to count inventory 2015 jewelry industry the seven events.

Adel jewelry bell listed at shenzhen stock exchange

In 2015, domestic well-known jewelry brand adel jewelry, in government, finance, media and wanda cinema line three listed companies on behalf of A total of nearly 300 people, under the witness of bell listed on shenzhen stock exchange, landing a-share listed successfully.

As the first IPO in shenzhen jewelry enterprise, adel jewelry market to become the industry one of the most high-profile events in 2015, after adel jewelry on the wings of the capital, will get further enhance brand awareness and reputation, the company's management system will be more scientific and perfect.

Cartier suddenly opened electric business platform

One afternoon in October 2015, in the absence of any signs, internationally renowned luxury brand kadeya official opening electric business platform in China, on the day of Cartier WeChat official release information push, Cartier online shop online.

Electricity is sales of luxury goods in the future is a very important channel, and Cartier to join, will further follow the effect, for the whole jewelry industry bring real change, Cartier to join the beginning of the new era, also on behalf of the jewelry industry merciless began a new era, two years ago who would have thought that croc Cartier jewelry will figure way down to the development of electric business platform?

Ultimate Oriental Mabel release wisdom stores system

Jewelry electricity not strange for jewelry industry in 2015, businesses use the power of the Internet to help the traditional jewelry stores upgrade, improve operation promotion and sales. In mid-september, vertical electricity - the east of the country's largest jewelry Mabel officially held in shenzhen "Internet + jewelry era conference", and announced that its ultimate wisdom stores system officially launched, the flagship version of each item are for the jewelry industry and development, to provide complete O2O solution to jewelry industry, help the traditional jewelry companies actively embrace the Internet and realize the strategic transformation.

Now even more traditional jewelry industry, rely on the offline channel and offline stores, but and O2O e-commerce is the direction of the jewelry industry, this is the consensus of the jewelry industry, jewelry electricity have caused impact on the traditional jewelry, the impact not only on sales, but in the entire business model of jewelry industry caused great shock, but many jewelry enterprise because of a lack of model, team, tools, the transformation of power is insufficient, the wisdom of Oriental Mabel release stores system not only pointed out the direction for the jewelry industry transformation, and for the transformation of the jewelry industry to provide the real operating tools, will jewelry industry into a new era.

Cosette diamond goal unfinished, "* * *" just ty

In April 2015, just Thai holdings, according to the announcement, with 660 million yuan price 100% purchased domestic electrical goods brand cosette blue diamonds cosette blue diamond which turns into a listed company, started with Internet thought cosette blue diamond won a tencent giants such as investment, but the ring had blue diamond did not achieve their goals.

Just think Thai holdings, cosette orchid company is one of the largest emerging domestic jewelry electricity, based on the O2O business model has accumulated a large number of users, the acquisition of cosette, just Thai holdings can be quickly cut into the O2O electrical contractor. Just Thai acquisitions, precooling proved simple online mode, combination of online has become the consensus of all retail enterprises.

Chow tai fook shut down 115 retail locations, year-on-year profit fell 42 points

By the end of September 2015, in the half a year's time, the famous jewelry brand chow tai fook shut down 115 retail locations, equivalent to 5% of the total retail locations, result in first-half net profit year-on-year decline in 42 points, at the same time, chow tai fook network retail locations to 2286.

As domestic famous jeweler chow tai fook, a large number of closed retail locations seem to indirectly admitted that the state of the jewelry industry downturn, but let a person delighted is the increase of network retail locations, through the chow tai fook hope to integrate some retail stores, sales drop.

Chow tai fook the move also represents the current situation of the jewelry industry this year, O2O transformation has become the consensus of industry development.


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