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Chang xing tell you couple keychains tips of choose and buy

Key chain, also known as the key rings, key ring, key chains and keys hanging, etc. Make a key material in for metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc. It delicate and cabinet, modelling is protean people every day to carry supplies. Key chain is hung on a key ring of a decorative items.

To choose collocation to key the key chain that oneself like, can not only reflect the personal mood and personality, can show your taste more at the same time bring your happy mood. Key chain model is various, such as cartoon characters, brand modelling, simulation model and so on, materials such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., is now mainly nickel plated or rhodium antirust elements such as zinc alloy surface. Key chain has become a gift gift at present.

According to the material choose and buy

PVC soft rubber key chain

Also known as drop rubber key chain, soft plastic key chain, key chain, trace key chain. Their modelling beautiful generous, small and exquisite; Pattern diversity also comes from the rich imagination is made and be become, its design is diversiform, have a heart, Christmas tree, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoons, all sorts of small animal shapes, very vivid, very lovely, beautiful and easy, is a fashionable adornment, loved by boys and girls. Product has soft, long service life, does not stimulate the skin, is very popular in Europe and the United States and other countries of fashion accessories, also is the best choice of the new man, let you cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

Acrylic key chain

That organic glass, imported materials and domestic materials, hollow or solid, is transparent, color paper can be put into the middle; The hardness of acrylic determines the wear degree of the key chain.

Compared with the traditional ceramic material, acrylic besides unparalleled high brightness, has the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage; Repair strong sex, as long as the dip in with soft foam wiping the new point of toothpaste can be clean; Sense of texture is soft, no bitter cold winter; Colourful, can satisfy the personality of different grade. Made of acrylic basin, sit implement, bath crock, elegant style, not only durable, but also environmental effect, the degree of radiation of radiation and the body's own bone.

Zinc alloy key chain

Zinc alloy is one of the stronger metal plasticity, general surface through drip or rare metal plating do antirust processing.

Holster lamp key chain

To sew leather, leather, imitation leather, PU, the still small lights are embedded in the middle of the a key chain, can also be used for lighting at night or dark place.

Solar key chain

There is solar panels, the sunlight, the patterns of the inside.

ABS material 3 d key chain

Open a injection mold with ABS material injection molding, paint again, because of the teaching high cost of open mould, generally do quantity is larger. Quality is much better than PVC.

Crystal key chain

Is artificial crystal materials, can be made into various shapes of crystal key chain, generally in one to charge tens of yuan. Crystal become a purist's favorite , there is a song sang: "I and your love, like crystal, no burden, secret, clean and transparent. My love for you is a beautiful crystal, unique light shining you my heart." Crystal is the symbol of purity.

According to the kinds of choose and buy

Lovers keychain

Lovers keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a boutique brand publicity and promotional process, is also a novel gifts. It can also be laser LOGO on the back, personalized custom key chain.

Product use: enterprise brand publicity, promotion of new products, tourist attractions, souvenirs, anniversary souvenir memory of promotional products, advertising and other industries.

Logo key chain

Logo key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy auto supplies, surface through drip or rare metal plating do antirust processing; Is a auto 4 s shops elegant small gifts promotional gifts owners, owners must car supplies, car accessories, personality, fashion products.

Product use: enterprise brand promotion, new product promotion of promotional items, souvenirs and other industry.


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