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The youth's hand account control, such as the love of beauty girl of armour oil control, such as women's jewelry taste control... But as "controlled" things become complex, large number of exactly where to hide, I love has become the most direct power.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings... Think of it, your dilemma sometimes is not "forever little a jewelry box, but you don't have a even oneself all can't help but fall in love with to receive a solution! So small make up decision on today receive perspective transformation to the jewelry, with pertinence, sweeping worry for you!

Metal jewelry wind absolutely cool weapon, if will they received in the cupboard is too wasted. Not equal to pick a few transparent glass jewelry box, will wear your favorite, the most common style on the top of the small box, convenient collection, concise atmospheric.

Of course, if can choose appropriate levels of style or geometric shape, it can show high bigger more. Even if lazy not to receive cancer attack, on the side will be mistook kink shape.

Don't look down on the first floor of a dresser drawer, make good use of the can save all of your ocd, "virgo" the Gospel. Place the drawer is separated from different areas to jewelry, classification is clear, be clear at a glance.

"Appear more" is the jewelry to receive the highest level of! Even if you only have a handful of jewelry, but after a neat put, can give a person with the illusion of heroism, that is to win.

Don't have time to cultivate the artistic sentiment, then at home to do a necklace art! Saves expensive jewelry box, a few small nails and a bar can make the necklace is beautiful and neat blouses sit.

Fall in love with color in jewelry game, white wall of one side can also make high style jewelry box, layered subregional jewelry display, make the wearer to pick up the mood bright and clear, really want every minute to invite a friend to visit home!

Not only from a street ", "all play it on your wrist and mix girlies receive jewelry also must not be vague. Regardless of metal wind, gorgeous pie or that a few often wear watches, neatly set in a professional display rack, literally a picture can receive hundreds of praise in the ins...

If can match a modelling style necklace, that luxury, it can be comparable to jewelry point.

Use opportunely home decorations, but also to create jewelry world. Will not be common necklace, bracelet on the wall, animal sculpture, this kind of home decoration is unique.

Not only that, candlestick is also a good choice of receive jewelry. But jia sister necessary warm prompt you, if want to light a candle to a romantic candle party or dinner, do remember to take down his beloved jewelry!


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